Well done is better than well said.

Professionally, I took my first steps in advertising as early as 1993, working alongside well-known Lodz graphic designers Włodzimierz and Dorota Petruszka, Light and Okta Expo. The next important stage was several years of work at Lizard® Advertising Agency. Since 2000, I became a partner in Poligraphica® Advertising Agency. The 14 years of work spent in the company, as well as the previous experience, allow me at the moment to undertake basically any project in the field of advertising.

Work based on Creativity, Intuition and Determination.

I’m creative

Passion, imagination and good ideas, unique designs and original solutions.

I’ve got an intuition

Intuition should be understood
and be guided by it.

I’m determined

The price of my success is hard work
and dedication.

Satisfied Customers
Cups of coffee consumed
Operating hours

Victory belongs to the most persistent.